Snehal Shetye


Snehal’s current research interests lie in investigating the mechanical consequences of current treatment option for Achilles tendinopathy. His secondary interests focus on mechanical and structural deficits in tendons due to Collagen V haploinsufficiency. His tertiary focus is in determining the mechanical causes of pre-term birth, specifically due to the cervix.

Snehal received his B.E in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune in 2003 and continued on to receive his M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University under the auspices of Dr. Christian Puttlitz. His area of focus for his Ph.D. was new strategies for limb-sparing of dogs afflicted by osteosarcoma of the forelimb. He went on to do a year-long postdoc at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. He then returned to CSU for his second postdoc under Dr. Christian Puttlitz where he focused on theoretical and finite element modeling of the spinal cord and dura mater within the confines of the cervical spine. Currently, he is a Senior Researcher in the McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania and the Technical Director of the Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Biomechanics Core.

When Snehal is not pining for the Colorado mountains, he enjoys many outdoor activities including running, biking while trying to avoid Philly potholes, skiing, and planning his next adventure to Colorado.

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