Mitchell joined the OBRL in 2016 and began working with Dr. Puttlitz on his research titled, “Additive Manufacturing of an Intervertebral Disc Repair Patch to Treat Spinal Herniation.” This research focused on the development of a 3D-printed, tissue-engineered implant to treat low back pain. Mitchell evaluated the mechanics of these constructs using experimental and computational (finite element) techniques to obtain clinically desirable characteristics on a bulk and micromechanical level.

OBRL’s Spinal cord tissue modeling research selected as a JBME Editors’ Choice paper for 2019

Ramo, N.L., Troyer, K.L., and C.M. Puttlitz, “Comparing Predictive Accuracy and Computational Costs for Viscoelastic Modeling of Spinal Cord Tissues” ASME J Biomech Eng. 141(5): 051009, 2019.
This paper was selected as one of the JBME Editors’ Choice papers for 2019. Only 10 papers out of over 100 that appeared in the journal in 2019 were selected, representing those that the editorial board felt best exemplified the high quality and significance of work in JBME. The list will be published in the Annual Special Issue February 2020.

New Investigator Research Award Finalist at the Orthopaedic Research Society 2020 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona

Ben Gadomski, PhD OBRL Manager

John and Leslie Malone Research in Development Travel Award Winner

John and Leslie Malone are transformational leaders in establishing a vision that will dramatically broaden and propel TMI research interests for medical advancements. They are longtime champions of medical research and education and provided key funding that helped establish the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University. This travel award is co-funded by the CSU Office of the Vice President of Research and the Translational Medicine Institute, and it provides $2000 in funding that can be used for travel expenses to the scientific meeting of the recipient’s choice. The award recognizes excellence in translational research in progress at time of presentation (research idea, proposal, protocol, etc.) by researchers in training who presented their work at the TMI Translational Talks.

Jake Wolynski, OBRL PhD Candidate

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Mitchell Page (CSU Ventures Platinum Award)
Mitchell Page
Jimmy Johnson (Great Minds in Research Honorable Mention Award)
Jimmy Johnson

Cecily Broomfield Recipient of Polysciences Ann Preece Award

45th Annual Symposium Convention for the National Society for Histotechnology

Christian Puttlitz Named Mechanical Engineering Department Head

Christian Puttlitz

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Individual Team Award

Christian Puttlitz (Mechanical Engineering Team Lead)

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Jake Wolynski (Innovation in Engineering)
James Johnson (Excellence in Interdisciplinary Human-Centered Design Thinking)

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Orthopaedic Research Society

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