Conor Sutherland


Conor’s interests lie in the broad field of biomedical engineering. His research focuses on improvement of fracture healing through the use of orthopaedic instruments. Currently, his endeavours involve the research and development of wireless, deformation sensing technologies developed in our lab (BioMems).  Conor specialises in computational modelling and the analysis of biological components which he can then compare to literature and/or experimental data to gain a better understanding of how orthopaedic instruments behave in real life.

Conor acquired his Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering with first class honours at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Some of his research there involved using parameter identification and signal analysis methods to improve the level of ventilation care given to neonates in NICUs. During his last year, and immediately after graduating, he worked with Dr Staiger at UC using computational modelling to aid in the design of biodegradable medical implants. After this he came to Colorado in January of 2017 to join the OBRL family.

When he’s not in the lab, he can be found hiking the local landscapes, at the local breweries enjoying a craft beer, or on the rugby field for CSU.