Welcome to the OBRL

The Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory at Colorado State University is a multi-disciplinary research facility that uses advanced experimental and computational methods to investigate orthopaedic tissues in their normal, diseased and treated conditions. One of the primary missions of the lab is to provide a world-class research facility for training future leaders in orthopaedic research and bioengineering while following FDA Good Laboratory Practice Regulations (GLPs). The laboratory focusses on both basic science and translational research in order to significantly impact medical practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Major research thrusts of the lab include development of non-linear viscoelastic material models to describe the time-dependent behavior of orthopaedic and neural soft tissues, early diagnosis and prediction of aberrant fracture healing using electromagnetic fields, application of additive manufacturing techniques to design and develop regenerative scaffolds for orthopaedic soft tissues and development of comparative pre-clinical models. We regularly collaborate with leading academicians and industry groups in order to promote our multi-disciplinary approach.

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